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Senior Care Training

The industry's #1 training solution

Online training for frontline/administrative staff and therapists ensures access to mandatories and in-services, and CE requirements to provide the best quality of care and support. 

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Skilled Nursing

Connect frontline and administrative staff to the in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.


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Independent & Assisted Living

Caring for people in community based settings has ever increasing regulations and requires training to maintain a high level of care and service.


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Home Care & Palliative Care

Training that ensures therapists, nurses, home health aides, or hospice volunteers, are confident in their abilities to support patients and coordinate care through in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.


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Therapy & Rehabilitation

Easily accessible education and continuing education through online training to meet license renewal requirements is critical to staff retention of skilled therapists in any therapy and rehabilitation setting.


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The 2015 State of Training: 
Senior Care edition is here!

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Relias Learning brings together Silverchair Learning Systems, Care2Learn, and Hospice Education Network to give their customers the best-in-class learning management system and unrivaled content in the senior care industry.




McKesson ELNEC Ohio Health Care Association Innovatix


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