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Senior Care Training

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Online training for frontline/administrative staff and therapists ensures access to mandatories and in-services, and CE requirements to provide the best quality of care and support. 

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Skilled Nursing

Connect frontline and administrative staff to the in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.


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Independent & Assisted Living

Caring for people in community based settings has ever increasing regulations and requires training to maintain a high level of care and service.


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Home Care & Palliative Care

Training that ensures therapists, nurses, home health aides, or hospice volunteers, are confident in their abilities to support patients and coordinate care through in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.


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Therapy & Rehabilitation

Easily accessible education and continuing education through online training to meet license renewal requirements is critical to staff retention of skilled therapists in any therapy and rehabilitation setting.


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The 2015 State of Training: 
Senior Care edition is here!

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Relias Learning brings together Silverchair Learning Systems, Care2Learn, and Hospice Education Network to give their customers the best-in-class learning management system and unrivaled content in the senior care industry.




McKesson ELNEC Ohio Health Care Association Innovatix


A hospice and palliative physician examines ethical questions raised by patients cries for help through physician-assisted suicide with... Read more ▸

Ethical issues and dilemmas are inherent in care provided to patients and their families across the life span and facing the end of life... Read more ▸

As an employee in a senior care community, you have the responsibility to act in a way that is ethical and complies with the law and... Read more ▸

Examples of potential violence specific to hospice and palliative patients are examined, with steps for reporting, responding, and... Read more ▸

The following table lists the steps that are expected of you in order to assist a patient with using a bedside commode. The table also... Read more ▸

Once a culture change journey has been adopted, changes to the dining experience are often one of the first initiatives. This course... Read more ▸

This course examines the causes of common slips, trips, and falls in long term care facilities and looks at ways to prevent them from... Read more ▸

This module reviews dimensions of culture, which influence care of the older adult. Assessment of culture is emphasized as essential to... Read more ▸

With the advent of managed care, the increased focus on person-centered care, and technological improvements, residential administration... Read more ▸

This course focuses on the grief process and provides specific suggestions on helping patients who are grieving.

The following table lists the steps that are expected of you in order to take a patient's axillary temperature. The table also... Read more ▸

This module focuses on the role of the nurse in achieving quality end-of-life care by reviewing limitations in existing systems and... Read more ▸

This course describes the regulations affecting the activity department. Students will learn how activities can impact a resident's... Read more ▸

This course will discuss how multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurological disease caused by progressive demyelination of the white... Read more ▸

It is natural to avoid thinking—never mind talking—about dying. Death is often an uncomfortable subject. Every person is different, and... Read more ▸

Managers in long term care facilities should be familiar with basic laundry operations. This course will assist the long term care... Read more ▸

Harassment and discrimination in the workplace are illegal and should not be practiced or tolerated. Acts of harassment, including... Read more ▸

This course is designed to provide the student with disaster preparation guidelines in the event of a terrorist or nuclear attack. This... Read more ▸

The following table lists the steps that are expected of you in order to safely use a razor when performing patient care. The table also... Read more ▸

The purpose of this course is to familiarize occupational therapy providers with the latest evidence on the safety and effectiveness of... Read more ▸

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