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Keep your organization safe and compliant with cost-effective corrections and law enforcement online training.

Save Time and Money

Save Time and Money

Reduce time developing training material. We partner with ACA, AJA, APPA, OSS Academy® & POST to provide effective and proven training.

Save Money

Automate Reporting

Reduce administration hours by automating training, tracking and reporting. Also reduct instances of liability by automatically managing policies, procedures & certificates.

Public Safety Courses

Public Safety Courses

390+ courses and 60+ accreditations designed for adult corrections, law enforcement, juvenile services, and community corrections in over 40 states and territories.

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office:

Why We Use Relias Learning

  • Improved protection against lawsuits

  • Reduced use of force incidents

  • Sped up employee onboarding

  • Lowered overall training costs

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2015 State of Training: Law Enforcement report

We surveyed more than 190 law enforcement and public safety professionals to obtain an industry perspective on staff development and training issues. For the first time, organizations will have the opportunity to benchmark their current practices and beliefs against a national sample on everything from training topics, budgets, regulation and technology.


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