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Keep your organization safe and compliant with cost-effective corrections and law enforcement online training.

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ACA, AJA, APPA, OSS Academy® & POST approvals

Reduce time developing training material

Automated reporting to record your training & policies

Reduce time spent delivering training

Manage live training, policies, procedures & certificates

Reduce instances of liability and risk for your team

Rockdale County Sheriff's Office:

Why We Use Relias Learning

  • Improved protection against lawsuits

  • Reduced use of force incidents

  • Sped up employee onboarding

  • Lowered overall training costs

Customer Success Story

How the McLean County Detention Facility decreased costs and increased training


Meet Compliance and Accreditations Requirements for Staff Training

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  • 390+ Courses

    60+ Accreditations

    Distinct libraries designed for adult corrections, law enforcement, juvenile services, and community corrections. Training is approved by the ACA, AJA, APPA, OSS Academy® as well as various state POST approvals. We currently provide training in over 40 states and territories.


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  • Relias Learning also partners with the OSS Academy® and leading correctional associates to provide training for law enforcement officers and staff.

    We currently offer more than 40 courses and 45+ training hours meeting various state POST approvals including Texas.


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